At NEMA, Inc., we have over three decades of experience working with clients of all sizes. If commercial crating is fundamental to your business, we have the tools and expertise you need to get your property shipped out in a safe and timely fashion. The shipping industry is no place for poorly packaged items. The conditions are challenging, and the handling of crates can be rough. If you want your valuables to arrive undamaged, it takes the kind of unique expertise that we offer. Call us at 770-935-7087 to learn more about our services.

We take many factors into account when designing our crates and packaging. This includes dimensions, weight, value, fragility, and final destination. Our team of crating experts then goes to work building a crate optimized for your item.

NEMA, Inc. meets the current regulations as set forth by the IPPC for the ISPM-15 Program. The current regulations state that all coniferous wood packaging materials used in export shipping must be heat treated at 56 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 30 minutes at core temperature. The initial certification stamp by the wood supplier is there to justify the process has been utilized. NEMA, Inc. only purchases heat treated lumber with the heat treated stamp. NEMA, Inc. is audited every month by Timber Products. During the audit we must account for every board foot received and shipped. In exchange for the audit, we are issued a heat treated stamp. The stamp verifies that the solid wood packaging material used was heat  treated.

Unlike other packing and crating companies, we provide:

• Professional consulting to maximize your crating and shipping needs using our pre-set, prefabricated crating options

• Custom crates and/or skids for delicate or hard-to- handle items

• Flat-bed or dry van delivery options

• We can add hinges, gussets, strong joints, one-time use crating and reusable shipping crates

Whether your items are heavy, high-value, unique, or fragile, NEMA, Inc. offers crating and packaging solutions customized to meet your needs. At NEMA, Inc., we do not believe in one-size-fits- all crating solutions. The more closely a crate matches the size and shape of an item, the more secure that item will be. That’s why we design and build the perfect crate ourselves. Our customers will tell you that our attention to detail is what enables their items to get to their destination safely and free of damage.