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Enhancing Global Trade Logistics with NEMA Inc

Enhancing Global Trade Logistics with NEMA Inc

In an ever-changing global economy, domestic and global trade logistics can be hard to navigate. Container fees continue to fluctuate based on world events, domestic shipping can be less reliable than in years past, and raw material costs have also risen. So, how can your company maintain or grow profitability when you rely on global trade?  

Comprehensive logistics solutions can help your business operate more efficiently and save money. Understanding the global market, how to manage supply chain challenges and cash flow, and ensuring products arrive safely and on time are all part of the puzzle.  

With more than 35 years of experience, NEMA Inc logistics makes it seem easy with our transportation fleet that serves 15 countries and counting, Foreign Trade Zone status, and expert team.  

Introduction: Revolutionizing Logistics for Global Trade  

Innovation is at the heart of successful logistics efforts. Embracing technology is key to creating efficiencies for global trade. Technology systems allow for better tracking of products, which fosters trust between the client and vendor as well as tightening timelines. With faster speed to market, companies can see increased profitability.  

Global trade logistics can also be supported with added-value services offered by traditional shipping and logistics companies. These features, including warehousing, transportation services, and FTZ benefits, set NEMA Inc logistics apart in the industry nearly 4 decades after it was founded by a revolutionary thinker.  

Comprehensive Logistics Solutions: Beyond Transportation  

For many businesses, warehousing costs, which are on the rise, are too steep and negatively impact profit margins. A recent survey shows that 80% of rental warehouses increase pricing on an annual or semi-annual basis at an average rate of 3.9%. For companies that don’t have enough inventory for a full warehouse or cannot afford these prices, partnering with a provider that has comprehensive logistics solutions can be a game changer.  

Unlocking Benefits of Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) with NEMA  

If your company is looking to better manage global trade logistics, you might want to consider using a Foreign Trade Zone or FTZ. FTZs are secured, designated locations around the country where foreign and domestic merchandise is generally considered to be international commerce and outside of US Customs territory. Why does this matter? Because FTZ benefits can assist with cash flow and efficiency. With FTZs, you can achieve:  

  • Duty Exemption 
  • Duty Deferral 
  • Duty Reduction or Inverted Tariff 
  • Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) Reduction 
  • Streamlined Logistics
  • Quota Avoidance 

The NEMA Approach: Building Long-Term Client Relationships  

Global trade logistics is based on moving items around the world, but the people behind the goods are what really matter to us. Since 1988, our team has been committed to exceptional customer service and delivering on our promises. Our comprehensive logistics solutions go beyond the ordinary, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience while adapting to each client’s individual needs.. With our proactive approach, transparent communication, and steadfast reliability, NEMA Inc logistics is a trusted partner that can drive your business forward.  

Ready to learn more about how we can help you with warehousing and transportation services? Want to understand how FTZ benefits might help your business? We are here to serve.  

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