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International Services

What are International Services?

At NEMA, our International Operations Department specializes in managing the logistics of shipments traveling across borders. This includes coordinating the movement of goods via air, sea, or land, navigating customs regulations, managing documentation, and ensuring timely delivery. We collaborate with a network of trusted partners around the world to provide seamless end-to-end solutions for our clients.


NEMA’s International Operations Department handles various logistics, including container operations, international freight forwarding, and U.S. customs clearance. As certified NVOCC and OTI professionals, we collaborate with steamship lines for seamless ocean container processes. We also provide Foreign Trade Zone services and are a C-TPAT-verified carrier and consolidator.

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Location Expanded Global Reach
At NEMA, we specialize in providing global logistics solutions for customers looking to expand their reach internationally. With extensive experience in international logistics, our International Operations Department is equipped to handle container loading and unloading, international freight forwarding, and U.S. customs clearance.
Location Increased Profitability
Partnering with us allows you to optimize transportation routes, consolidate shipments, and leverage economies of scale, leading to lower costs and faster delivery times for increased profitability. Our international customs and documentation expertise ensures shipment compliance, minimizing the risks of expensive delays and fines.
Location Improved Efficiency
NEMA can enhance efficiency by providing streamlined supply chain solutions, route planning, and consolidated shipments. With advanced tracking systems, NEMA can ensure real-time visibility of shipments, allowing businesses to respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances. Also, our expertise in customs regulations and technology integration can help provide your operation with a more reliable and cost-effective supply chain.
Location Customer Satisfaction
NEMA increases customer satisfaction by providing proactive communication, personalized solutions, and reliable delivery. We can help businesses like yours optimize their supply chain operations by maintaining open communication channels and offering tailored solutions. Our consistent and on-time delivery ensures your shipments arrive safely and on schedule.
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