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Foreign Trade Zone

What is an FTZ?

A Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is a special, designated area within the United States that promotes international trade and boosts economic growth. Within an FTZ, businesses can enjoy certain benefits that make their import/export operations more efficient and cost-effective.

For example, goods brought into an FTZ can be stored, processed, or even assembled without immediately being subject to customs duties or certain taxes. This helps you save money and manage your inventory more strategically.


Our expert FTZ team helps businesses like yours leverage the advantages of these special, international storage spaces. We guide you through the process, assisting with everything from consultation and planning to setup, activation, and ongoing management of your product in our FTZ. Store your products or raw materials in our facility duty-free until the items are released for use, offset costs (deferred duties), and ease your company’s supply chain issues. In short, grow your business with a proven partner in FTZ.

Our FTZ. YOUR Benefits.

Location Strategic Locations
We maintain the only 3PL FTZ in Gwinnett County, Georgia, a location that allows easy access to the ports of Savannah and Charleston and keeps us free from mainline traffic.
Location Competitive Advantage
Gain an edge in the market by reducing costs, enhancing supply chain efficiencies, and improving customer service, which contributes to your overall success.
Location Duty Savings
Defer duties and tariffs on imported goods as well as exports headed overseas. This results in significant cost savings, which can enhance competitiveness and profitability.
Location Enhanced Inventory Management
Enjoy flexibility by avoiding immediately paying duties, allowing for strategic inventory management and reducing the need for large stockpiles.
Location Customs Compliance
Utilize our in-depth knowledge of customs regulations and compliance requirements to guide you through complex customs procedures, ensuring compliance and minimizing the risk of penalties or delays.
Location Streamlined Supply Chain
Our FTZ reduces costs, accelerates goods movement, and enables faster delivery times and competitive prices for our customers.

Serving Over 15 Countries and Counting.

Belgium – United Kingdom – Germany – Italy – Sweden – Czechia – Japan – Canada – Mexico – United States – Brazil – Netherlands – France – China –
Belgium – United Kingdom – Germany – Italy – Sweden – Czechia – Japan – Canada – Mexico – United States – Brazil – Netherlands – France – China –
Japan China France United States Canada Brazil Italy Czechia Mexico Sweden Germany Netherlands United Kingdom Switzerland Belgium
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Let's Talk FTZ

While FTZ may seem complicated at first, with the right partners you’ll soon be enjoying a whole range of benefits and pathways for growth.