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Choosing the Right Carrier: Key Considerations for Transporting or Storing Specialized Products

Foreign Trade Zone warehousing

Not everything that needs to get from one country to another fits in a box. Sometimes the box needed to fit the item for transport costs more than your profit margin. Other times, fragility or perishability must be accounted for.  

In all these cases, your precious cargo deserves specialized logistics services to ensure it arrives safely and on time. So, how can you set yourself and your products up for success?  

  • Understand what your needs are. Consider things like – whether will you benefit from Foreign Trade Zone warehousing or secure storage solutions. 
  • Do your research. Not all specialized logistics services are the same. 
  • Find the right fit. Talk to the people you’ll be working with because partnership matters. 

Understanding Specialized Logistics Needs 

Transporting and storing specialized products is not something any trucking or logistics company can handle. Depending on the item, floors may need to be reinforced to handle the excess weight, specific scaffolding may need to be constructed to protect goods, or safety systems may need to be in place to protect people and the environment.  

You might need specialized logistics services if your product is: 

  • Oversized/Heavy  
  • Fragile 
  • Needs refrigeration 
  • Considered a dangerous good; examples are lithium batteries or other flammable materials 
  • High-value; examples include precious items like art and gems or specialized machinery 

Evaluating Carrier Certifications and Experience 

The standard supply chain pipeline is not equipped to properly handle specialized products. That’s why it is so important to do your research when looking for secure storage solutions and international trucking solutions, among other logistics needs. Be sure that the provider you choose is a certified logistics carrier 

It’s also important to check references and get a list of successful projects from the logistics carriers you are considering. Do they have the equipment and insurance coverage necessary to move your specialized products? Are they certified? 

Many shipping credentials are based on proven track records and the knowledge of the people working for the carrier. With 35+ years of experience, NEMA logistics holds several certifications, including: 

These certifications create additional efficiencies in the supply chain. They prevent costly delays in customs, and disruptions in transport schedules, and save money. Being sure your specialized logistics services provider is certified can also help you anticipate challenges before they adversely affect your business.  

The Importance of Foreign Trade Zones in Supply Chain 

The global impact of sustainability laws, political conflict, cybersecurity issues, and rising import/export costs will continue to be relevant supply chain concerns in 2024. These potential challenges make Foreign Trade Zone warehousing more important than ever. When you are able to utilize an FTZ, you can prevent disruptions for your business and save money, thanks to standard FTZ benefits that include: 

  • Duty Exemption 
  • Duty Deferral 
  • Duty Reduction or Inverted Tariff 
  • Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) Reduction 
  • Streamlined Logistics 
  • Quota Avoidance 

NEMA logistics offers Foreign Trade Zone warehousing, which allows our partners to keep their specialized products in our secure facility while they await transport. This means that you don’t have to worry about shipping delays or having a container stuck in a port for weeks at a time. You can move your goods when and how you want, not when and how global trade challenges dictate. 

Customs Compliance and Security: What to Look For 

Customs compliance is an important part of global trade and international trucking solutions. Customs compliance helps to ensure that goods are properly documented, taxes and duties are paid, and that products are not smuggled or illegally imported. 

Being compliant includes: 

  • Documentation requirements 
  • Accurate measuring, labeling, and shipping  
  • Payment of the correct duties and taxes 

This might sound simple, but each country has its own import and export requirements. That is why working with a certified logistics carrier that understands the intricacies of global trade is a game-changer. With a detailed understanding of customs requirements in 15 countries and counting, NEMA logistics can help you create efficiency and prevent costly penalties and other repercussions.  

Assessing Warehousing and Storage Solutions 

Secure storage solutions are crucial to success when your business is centered on providing specialized goods to your customers. When you are considering a specialized logistics services partner, be sure you visit the facility and/or get the proper documentation that their warehouse can properly handle your freight. Some things to consider include: 

  • Security – will your products be safe at the facility? 
  • Climate control – will your products be stored at a proper temperature? 
  • Reinforced spaces for oversized/heavy goods – are shelves and floors strong enough to store your goods? 
  • Equipment for moving goods – do they utilize proper tools and machinery for transporting your products? 
  • Size – is the facility large enough to house your specialized products? 
  • Inventory management – will you get regular updates on the status of inventory? 
  • Customer service – what will communication and attention to detail be? 

Partnership Beyond Transportation: Value-Added Services 

While ensuring specifics such as proper certification and space are available for your logistics needs, it is also important that you consider what additional services you will receive from your provider. Comprehensive solutions that include inventory management, storage, FTZ warehousing, and transportation save you time and money.  

With NEMA logistics, we provide more to our customers than just specialized logistics services, we truly become your partner. We believe in: 

  • Sharing our knowledge 
  • Acting with integrity  
  • Embracing innovation 
  • Working with tenacity 
  • Communicating openly 
  • Providing exceptional customer service 

Ready to protect your precious cargo and your company’s bottom line? Our expert team is standing by to learn more about your specialized products and answer your questions. We’d love to meet you and show you around our spacious Foreign Trade Zone warehousing facility. Contact NEMA logistics today and get more room to grow.  

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